Coyote Funeral

Coyote FuneralOVERVIEW

Genre: Coming of Age Western
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 87 minutes
Medium: Shot on Super 16mm; HD, DigiBeta, NTSC-DVD
Rights: All Rights Available

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Director: Phelps Harmon, Jason May
Producer: Jason May, Sherng-Lee Huang
Editor: Anthony Sirignano
Cinematography: Ryan H. Martin
Music By: Phelps Harmon, Jeffrey M. Lerner
Soundtrack: Robert Earl Keen, Charlie Robison, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Bleu Edmondson, and more.
Cast: Jono Young, Zach Freeman, Korrine Salas
Writer: Jason May
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“The impressively photographed movie can be savored for its simple pleasures as an affectionate portrait of Texas life rendered in vivid local colors." --Joe Leydon, contributor to Variety and the Houston Chronicle

"Strong performances . . . stunning cinematography. . . oozes Lone Star State atmosphere." --Austin Chronicle

“Like a great Texas honky tonk tune . . . amazingly filmed . . . humor packed heartwarming Texas high adventure with an archetypal feel that hearkens back to Mark Twain.” --Entertainment Wire Service


When Casey Cannon sees that tall green Texas road sign, he takes it as a challenge and sets out on foot to traverse the giant state from border to border. Casey walks to block out the pain of discovering his mother's affair and to find a way to tell his brother the truth. Dustin Cannon can only drop his head and follow: his younger brother needs looking out for.

Casey (Jono Young) embodies the spitfire image of the original Texan frontier settlers. Rash, raw, and reckless, he makes the ladies love him despite knowing better and never backs down from a fight, even one he’s sure to lose. Whereas Casey shoots from the hip, Dustin (Zach Freeman) is nothing but a straight-shooter.

The brothers take on every bull ride, barbecue, and barfight along the way. They also make a stop at Gruene hall, one of Texas's most storied dance halls, where Casey plays on stage to reinforce a stellar soundtrack infused with numerous Americana Music stalwarts such as Robert Earl Keen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Charlie Robison (host, Nashville Star). Shot along the highways and back roads of Texas, Coyote Funeral makes Texas as much a character as the setting. Whether Casey and Dustin make it to El Paso depends less on them braving the elements than surviving each other.