Across Dot Ave

Across Dot AveOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 109 mins
Medium: HD Video
Rights: Worldwide Rights Are Available

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Director: Mark Ezovski
Producer: Mark Ezovski, Rebecca Gallagher, Brane Bala
Cast: David Lombard, Kelly Diegnan, Roland Uruci, Sal Rendino, Mark A. Keeton, Max Hambleton, Jon Beland, Michael Sinatra, Ethan Frank, Andrea Gallo, Doug Barron, T.K. Lumley, Richard Kohn, Annemarie Lawless, Michael Cuddire
Distributor: World Wide - Trillian Entertainment
Writer: Mark Ezovski
Director of Photography: Michael Huss
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Across Dot Ave. raises crucial questions... a well-made and deeply affecting film worth seeing not only for its story but also for the effect it can—and should—have on the way
you live.
--Kerry Skemp, Bostonist.com

A gritty and emotional coming of age story... involving ignorance, betrayal and redemption... an authentic and compelling look at a world away from the upscale city
streets of Boston—where friendship and violence can go hand in hand.
--Sara Edwards, Host, Backstage with Sarah Edwards

Hits close to home.
--Tenley Woodman, Boston Herald

Powerful. Standout performances, eerily believable.
--Chris Schoenfeld, Station Stops.com

Important and evocative... an independent feature film that everyone should see.
--Solomon Chertok, Director, Tribeca Cinemas’ Sundays in the City Film Festival


High-finance whiz Kevin Hearns leads a stressful life and smokes too much. He wants to quit, but it’s going to be difficult. There’s a new apartment that needs a complete
renovation, too much work at his Wall Street firm and a demanding wife who is always willing to add to the tension.

To make things worse, Kevin is called home to Dorchester, MA, a tough working class neighborhood of south Boston where he roamed the streets in his teen years with a gang of marauding neo-Nazi skinheads.

One fateful night all those years ago, Kevin left a party early. The “preppie” scene wasn't for him. More importantly, he wanted to make it home in time to get a call from the
lovely and sophisticated Danielle, his college crush. This seemingly unimportant decision changed the path of his entire life—violence erupted at the party, Kevin’s skinhead
buddies were responsible. Instead of doing hard time for murder, Kevin headed back to college and the girl of his dreams. His friends were not so lucky.

Kevin made it out of Dorchester and never looked back, but now trouble is once again brewing on Dot Ave.…

Kevin’s kid sister Sarah has dropped out of school and is hanging out with the wrong crowd. His father Tommy, frustrated by his demeaning job, is drinking hard again. His
mother Colleen isn’t complaining, but it looks like she might have had a black eye recently. Straight-laced Bethy, his older sister, can’t stand that Kevin left the family for a life in New York and wants to make him miserable at every turn. His inspirational Aunt Sarah is suffering from lung cancer—a sad but expected side effect from years of work at
the local wire factory.

If that’s not enough, the ghosts arrive, one by one...Sully, once his best friend, is fresh out of jail and arrives late one night for an unexpected visit. Owen, the de facto leader of the skinhead gang, seems to be getting dangerously close to Kevin’s sister Sarah. Jimmy, who was lucky enough to beat the murder rap, is now a dangerous drug dealer who shoots first and then asks questions.

With no one to turn to but himself, will Kevin find a way to come to terms with the troubled past he tried so hard to leave behind? Can he mend his relationship with the friend that once meant so much to him? Can he prevent his beloved sister from going down the same violent path he once took? Can he finally understand what family, friendship, honor and self respect truly mean?

Based on a true story, Across Dot Ave. is stark, violent and brutally honest—a portrait of racist skinheads, troubled families and people who have given up on their dreams and