So Christian Youth

So Christian YouthOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Running Time: 84 minutes
Medium: HD
Rights: All Rights Available

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Director: Stephen W Parsons
Producer: Jacqueline Parsons
Editor: Garrett Tezanos
Cast: Abigail Curtis, Richard Dean, François Pandolfo and featuring Don Letts (Sex Pistols movie maker, BBC’s Culture Clash Radio show dj and founding member of B.A.D. along with Mick Jones (Clash)
Writer: Stephen W Parsons
Cinematographer: David G Griffiths (Journal of a Contract Killer winner of NY film festival 2008)
Steadicam: Tony Jackson (Casino Royale, V for Vendetta, Shaun of
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


A girl from a troubled background, LISA, joins a Christian youth cult - recruited by handsome TOM, a militant. The pastor, MARK, is having a spiritual breakdown and several other members of the group have mental problems, notably a Russian girl, IRENA, who is visited by ‘Jesus’. Lisa is given a cheerful girl, MARTINA, as a Jesus-Buddy. They bond quickly and Lisa undergoes the ‘Stations of the Cross’: a symbolic crucifixion ritual

Core members of the group are invited to share in the taking of ANTAROS, a ‘spiritual’ aid extracted from the flesh of South American mushrooms. During a spaced out feast, while Tom and Lisa make love for the first time, Irena pursues her ‘Jesus’ out onto the fire escape and falls to her death. Mark covers up the tragedy, but Martina is an unseen witness. Confused and upset, she leaves the cult.

Mobsters attempt to abduct NIKKI an ex-porn star. Mark’s mental condition leaves him unable to act, leaving Tom to stand up to them. FATHER PAUL, the founder, removes Mark to a special community for those experiencing the ‘bliss of Christ’. His sermon is ruined by the appearance of an angry Martina. Tom prepares to take charge, but discovers that the London station is to be closed down.

Only Tom, Nikki and three others defiantly remain. They are attacked by the mobsters.

Lisa returns and saves Tom’s life. He is the father of her unborn child.