Romancing Brazil


Running Time: 90 Minutes
Medium: 35MM color film

For distributors: private vimeo link click here: http://vimeo.com/78660147.


Cast: Elliott Gould, Talia Shire, Edward Boggiss
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


He's Mardo (Edward Boggiss), son of Jewish Immigrants that escaped from Lithuania to Brazil during World War II. She's Ana (Taís Araújo) a freshman, political activist in favor of social reforms and freedom in a country led by dictatorship military take over.

They fell for each other right after Mardo was expelled from the Jewish School and transferred to Liceu Coração de Jesus, a traditional School for the wealthy. Samuel (Elliott Gould) enrolls Mardo in a place well known for its discipline and also because in their alumni include great politicians, successful businessmen and prominent executives of Brazil. His decision is based on the premise that Mardo get back his motivation to study instead of skipping school to play
music with his friends in a band. Because he's the first Jewish student at Liceu, Mardo gets harassed by his class mates on racial and religious discrimination. Since Mardo ignores the threats and continues attending classes, Felipe (Fábio Azevedo), a teen rebel and son of a powerful businessman, gathers his school gang for a cruel attack when he finds out about "the romance between the Jew Boy and the Black Girl". Ida (Talia Shire), Mardo's mother, finally finds out about his involvement with a non-Jewish girl and gets very angry at him, their conflict results in Mardo leaving the house. Mardo and Ana face trouble within their families, the school and society. They discover love and pain; they live romantically and dangerously; that's because they believe that only true love, which brought them together, can overcome all barriers.