Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 95m 52s
Medium: Red MX/Redcode RAW/DCP

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Director: David Midell
Producer: Adam Dick and Keaton Wooden
Executive Producer: David ten Brink, Jeannine Cleary, David Midell
Cast: Shawna Waldron, Stephen Louis Grush, Leslie Easterbrook, Kate Black-Spence, Jeff Garretson
Distributor: Ytinifni for Worldwide Rights
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“Nightlights vividly captures the spirit of autism and reminds us that all of our lives are
complexly connected. But in the midst of that complexity, we see the very simple truths of
courage, friendship, and the unconditional love of family.”

-Christopher Flint, President/Founder of AACTTION Autism

“It touches our hearts so deep because we live it everyday. I thank you for opening up a
world of understanding for those whom are still unaware of what families of persons with
autism have to go through on a day to day basis.”

-Alicia, mother of 8 year-old with autism.


Years after the death of their mother, Erin Logan (Shawna Waldron) has dedicated her life
to her brother Jacob (Stephen Louis Grush), who is severely affected by autism. Jacob is
unable to speak or care for himself, and their only source of companionship is Gina (Leslie
Easterbrook), a developmental therapist who guides Erin through the realities of autism.

Life changes when Erin meets Tim (Jeff Garretson), an editor who quickly sweeps Erin off
her feet. Erin also befriends Nicole (Kate Black-Spence), a bright-eyed new neighbor who
befriends Jacob and further pushes Erin to explore this newfound romance.

Soon, however, the demands of a new relationship changes Erin and Jacob’s lives in
dramatic ways, exposing the complex but deep bonds that exist in family.