Language: English (Patois)
Country of Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Running Time: 108 minutes


Director: Dianah Wynter
Producer: Horace Wilson, Rodill Clarke
Cast: Bill Cobbs, Angel Ross, Penelope Spencer, Chinaka Phipps, Samara Lallo, Eastlyn McKenzie, Duane Dixon, Kern Samuel, Steven Taylor
Writer: Horace Wilson
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Set in Trinidad & Tobago, HappySAD is a beautifully crafted and touching story of love, pain, victory, and redemption that takes the audience through a series of unexpected dramatic twists and turns. Seventeen-year-old Mandy Graham, (Caribbean actress Angel Ross in a breakout role) is a high school soccer player, intent on making something out her life and desperate not to fall victim to the failures of her parents. Her hopes and dreams are thwarted and her spirit and perseverance are tested when she is forced to leave her home in Trinidad, her school, and her beloved soccer team, to live with her estranged father and great uncle Cephas (American actor Bill Cobbs) in Tobago.

Mandy’s personal struggles intertwine with those of her newly inherited “dysfunctional” family. She provokes jealousy in her cousin Silvie who dropped out of high school and has yet to find her way in life. Cousin Seth is driven to make a go of his business so he can marry his girlfriend, but with no support from his father, Mandy’s great-uncle Cephas, Seth is on the verge of losing everything he’s accomplished at his tender age. Despite Mandy’s recalcitrance, she catches the eye of young musician who sees past her icy exterior. But whether or not Mandy can ever learn to love and be loved holds little promise. Mandy sees her only hope is to win an athletic scholarship. But her nature as a rough-and-tumble footballer is at odds with the only sport available to her in Tobago –- distance runner. As Mandy fights to redefine herself, souls are bared, secrets revealed, tragedy strikes, and redemption is sought.