9 Lives of Mara

9 Lives of MaraOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 84 minutes
Medium: 35mm (Panavision)


Director: Balaji K. Kumar
Producer: Jina Panebianco and Efren Muro
Executive Producer: Shankar Iyer, Russell Stroud
Cast: Chad Donella, Patrick Bauchau, Bret Loehr, Pollyanna McIntosh, Aspen Payge, Jennifer Gimenez, Quinn Buniel, Randy Crowder, Spencer Garrett, Troy Gentile, Colby Greening, Gretchen Koerner, Marcelo Tubert, and Mike Muscat
Cinematographer: Joseph Rubinstein
Original Score: Ganesh Kumar
Writer: Eric Massey and Balaji K. Kumar
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"Kumar did such a beautiful job of bringing his work to film on 35mm.... [His] direction was just perfection.... The film is intense...scary...emotional...everything I want in a film if it is not going to have gallons of gore....

"4 stars...one of the best independent features of 2007.” - Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews

"By turns subtle, beguiling, intriguing, baffling, [the film] digs its claws in like some demonic lover and refuses to let go even when the credits roll.

"Put this one to the top of your 'movies to watch' list." - D3ranged3d.com

“Very accomplished.... The lighting, editing, direction, camera angles, and acting were all well above par.... Chad Donella (FINAL DESTINATION) performed well in the role. Stunning Pollyanna McIntosh...has quite a presence. She is mesmerizing here.

"Overall, this [is] a beautifully shot film.” - Molly Celaschi, HorrorYearBook.com

“Fairy-tale like quality...along the lines of Dario Argento...SUSPIRIA. Unbelievably well made...completely different from any other independent films.” - Deadpit.com


Twelve-year-old Robin is in turmoil following the death of his mother. This is when she appears, an amorous intruder threatening to invade his home and bewitch his dad. This darkly sexual and mysterious woman appears hell-bent on becoming the children’s stepmother— something young Robin refuses to accept.

Encouraging him all the way is his best friend Larry, a foul-mouthed Iago to Robin’s Othello. Larry’s always on hand with a scary comic book or urban legend to further goad Robin in his murderous beliefs. But there is far more to both Larry and the intruder than meets the eye. Thus begins Robin’s inextricable path toward insanity and murder.

Using innovative visual techniques, director Balaji K. Kumar keeps us guessing with this slick and haunting Oedipal tale, 9 LIVES OF MARA, which speaks to our darkest fears of madness and malevolence.