Taking the Waewae Express

Taking the Waewae ExpressOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Medium: HDV
Rights: World Rights Available

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Director: Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader
Producer: Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader, Deane Cronin
Cinematographer : Deane Cronin
Editor: Shane Loader
Cast: Matariki Whatarau, Evan Hussey, Rangimoana Taylor, Tamati Pere, Isaac Heron
Distributor: Push Worldwide
Writer: Andrea Bosshard
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“Taking the Waewae Express is that rare independent film blending tears and laughter, the young and the aging, and crossing cultural boundaries joyfully.”

Andrew Horton Screenwriter and author of Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay

“A story with heart and characters who are just so real. Loved the humour, felt the anguish – it was us – our lives.”

Fleur Beale Children and teenagers writer

“[A] smart script that eschews both cheap dramatics and easy payoffs... packs an authentic emotional punch.”

Peter Calder Weekend Herald film reviewer

“A great little film: brave, funny, terrifically honest and unaffected, big-hearted and smart enough to transcend its non-existent budget.”

Graeme Tuckett Dominion Post film reviewer

“... it shows bracingly what can be achieved using improvisation – a la Mike Leigh – to develop story and character. The process is simple but the emotions generated are complex, and the performances not only skilfully communicate that complexity but do it with restraint and truth as well as a disarming sweetness. It’s a story that deals with the worst and best of that passage from youthful innocence to adulthood, delivering it with compassion and humour in a uniquely New Zealand way.

Helene Wong New Zealand Listener film reviewer


When Wiremu’s younger brother is killed in a car accident, all those involved are deeply affected.
With friendships and family ties at stake, who has the courage to forgive and move on? Can love and honesty prevail?
This coming of age story set on the south coast of New Zealand’s North Island abounds with authenticity, engaging characters, compassion and unexpected humour.