Just Ask Baby


Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 312mins; 12 shows
Medium: HDV
Rights: Rights Available (excl. Canada)

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Director: Kathy Herndl
Producer: Mark Hamilton & Michelle Hamilton
Cinematography :Mathias Herdl
Production :GO2 Productions, Inc.
Chief Scientific Advisor :David Elkind Ph.D.
Cast: Peter Benson, Carrie Genzel, Tate MacMillan, Taylor Schafer, Viena Bajic, Eddie James West, Christian Gagne
Writer: Tarah Stafford, David Webb
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"Just Ask Baby provides parents with all the basic development guideposts they need in an attractive and entertaining multimedia format. Indeed, Just Ask Baby might well be subtitled, ‘Making Parenting Easier’." David Elkind PhD. Professor Emeritus Child Development Tufts University

“I think Just Ask Baby is absolutely fantastic. It brings the science of infant development down to earth and visually portrays the significance of everyday moments. This information can make a parent's experience so much easier and more rewarding and profoundly enrich a baby’s life. And of course, I love the prominence of the voice of the baby." Amy Hatkoff, author

“I love the videos - they are really cool, informative and very nicely produced! Fantastic quality! They really help me understand how my daughter is feeling and what she is seeing. It helps me help her, and hubby likes to hear about all that stuff too.” LeeAnn P. first-time mother

"Just Ask Baby helps transform the way mothers interact with their children!" Karolyn H. mom-to-be

“I've been telling all my mommy-friends about Just Ask Baby. The videos are what I like the most, I think they are a great way to communicate the baby’s ‘perspective’, they are so nice I even got my husband to watch them with me, and now we always refer to them when we see certain things in our baby. Visual information is so much easier, fun, comprehensive than written." Ana A. mother of a newborn

"Just Ask Baby is a great tool to help build confidence in parenting and understanding expectations in a certain baby age group." Ross S. father of two


In the style of late-night TV, real life 9-month-old baby talk show host Joey’s dry humor, wit and clever insight make this show truly unique! As Joey, the ‘Just Ask Baby’ show’s dominant presence chats with his adorable baby friends, they tell the story of how babies grow and develop in the first year of life - completely from a baby’s perspective.

Each episode provides brilliant insight into the minds of babies as their every thought is spoken out loud. Fun and engaging, Joey and the rest of the baby cast deliver first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be a baby, right down to the day-to-day moments of what they’re thinking and seeing to how they’re feeling and what they’re doing. Joey and friends impart an unadulterated baby’s-eye-view of life and even offer up advice and pointers on how to help nurture and support their healthy development as they grow.

As the story unfolds, the lovable, charming, and heartwarming interactions between the babies and their parents make it appealing to a family audience.