Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico

Drug Wars: The Colombianization of MexicoOVERVIEW

Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 90 minutes +
Medium: High Definition Video (HDV)
Rights: Domestic
Distributor: International - Cinema Management Group

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Director: Gary A. Fleming, Jr.
Producer: Gary A. Fleming, Jr.
Executive Producer: Scott J. McKnight
Cast: Chris Blatchford (Author), Fred Burton (Counterterrorism/Corporate Security), Dr. Jorge Chabat, Rep. Henry Cuellar, Elizabeth Flores, John Johnson (FBI Agent), Dr. Ray M. Keck, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Omar Pimental, Mayor Raul Salinas (Former FBI), Richard Valdemar (Gang Expert), Sheriff Arvin West, Anonymous Cartel Members, US/Mexico Narcotics Agents
Distributor: International: CMG
Cinematographer: Russ Cummins
Writer: Gary A. Fleming, Jr. and Mark Hovland
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Para-Military groups are on the rampage virtually operating unabated, kidnappings are taking place at an unprecedented level and last year alone they killed over 2000 men, women and children. They post videos on the internet of torture and executions to generate fear for any one who opposes them. They’ve assassinated journalists, lawyers, policeman and judges; and recently have taken up the practice of beheading many of their victims.

No, this isn’t Iraq or the Middle East and it’s not somewhere in South America. These under reported events are taking place in cities all across the U.S./ Mexico border. These are highly motivated and intelligent men with their own private armies whose influence reaches across the entire Western Hemisphere.

This problem is bigger than any one government or any one nation. It’s bigger than any one solution and it’s bigger than any of us realize.

This documentary exposes the real truth behind the headlines. From the viewpoint of the players and the victims; this situation gets exposed in graphic detail with never before seen footage of the most powerful terrorists on earth.

The price for allowing our government to minimize this situation any longer is going to be higher than any of us will be willing to pay.