Shadow People

Shadow PeopleOVERVIEW

Genre: Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 92
Medium: HD


Director: Keith Coulouris
Producer: David Schrader and Karen Toronjo
Executive Producer: Keith Prokop and Alex Webster
Cast: Lesli Kay, Keith Coulouris, Kaela Dobkin, Lee Spencer, Bob Sampson, Jay Acovone
Cinematographer: Rory King
Writer: Keith Coulouris
Distributor: Worldwide - Moving Pictures
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Dan and Gretchen are a couple in a failing relationship, carrying some dark secrets and heavy baggage from their hidden past. Renting a guest house from an affluent couple
in California’s San Fernando Valley, they pass their days killing the hours with work and a growing drug habit.

The “white noise” is interrupted when their feelings of condescension and mistrust from their landlords, Steven and Deena, are confirmed. Dan and Gretchen find common ground, briefly, with their desire to teach their landlords a lesson in humility and prove to them that money and real estate cannot secure a happy and honest relationship. Gretchen begins her seductive manipulation of Steven while Daniel engineers the game from behind the scenes.

The conflicts between and within the two couples become more and more poignant as the truths are revealed in the shadows. Daniel’s drug habit reaches a breaking point as does his tolerance for the game being played. Gretchen’s torment grows from her guilt over manipulating Steven and her lack of closure from a horrific event in her and Daniel’s past. Both couples must decide whether they will continue playing roles for
one another, or face the reality of who they are and whether or not they will continue together or face their futures apart.