Genre: Dramatic TV Pilot
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 23 Minutes
Medium: High Definition


Director: Jerry Schram
Producer: Jerry Schram
Co-Producer: Page Ostrow
Editor: Matt Bleistein
Cinematographer: Karl Kim
Writer: Jerry Schram
Music & Songs: Jerry Schram
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Times are tough for talented, twenty-one year old filmmaker, Donny Rocconi (James Schram). He grew up in the streets of New York City, a place where either you learn fast, or lose everything. Naomi (Megan Corry), a tabloid reporter from Los Angeles, begins to weave a seductive trap for Donny. Glock (Lou Martini Jr.), a record producer, is having his way with Angelic (Lynn Spencer) a woman from his past, while his artist wife Arin (Brenda Cooney), ponders his whereabouts. Gabriel (Katya Zakharova) is overwrought, a singer-song writer with guitar in hand, teeters on a roof top, perilously close to the edge. This riveting tale of desperation and betrayal set in the world of entertainment turns Donny's world upside down, as he faces a fight for truth, love, and life itself.