LA 308


Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 93 minutes
Medium: HD

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Director: Jason Furrate
Producer: Toni McGee Causey
Director of Photography: Andre G. Chapoy
Cast: Damon Lipari, Jerry Leggio, Lisa Wilde, Jeff Routier
Distributor: World Wide - Trillian Entertainment
Writer: Jason Furrate
Music by: Mark Fain
Orchestration: Shane Atkinson
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Every orphan craves it… unconditional love. Its power lays out an emotional obstacle course for Paul Matthews. He makes a sacred promise to his Foster Mom that he cannot deliver. He devotes himself to military black ops even though killing makes him ill. The fact that he’s the best marksman in the history of the military keeps him in-demand. Pressure, guilt, and self-loathing take him to the brink… but there’s hope at last. Take one last assignment in Louisiana Cajun Country and the promise will be fulfilled. But, “down the bayou” nothing is simple…

…kill your friend’s son or the person you love most will die. It’s life or death action for the assassin seeking redemption at the end of Louisiana highway LA-308.