The Life Penalty

The Life PenaltyOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 74 Minutes
Medium: NTSC-DVD (16x9 letterbox)
Rights: All rights available

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Director: David Quint
Cinematography: David Quint, KT! Eaton, Charles Gary, Gunnar Blanke, David Lenk
Producer: Douglas Bry
Editor: David Lenk
Assistant Editors: Sam Cramer, Leah Bry, Alison McGinty
Original Score: Kelly Bryarly and Janet Feder
Location Sound: Dave Schaaf
Sound Mix: Zlatko Makic, Z Image Sound
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


The Life Penalty provides a cogent look inside how [capital defense attorneys] get behind the minds of those who want to fry their clients and raises some queasy moral issues. Just who would you kill if you served on a jury in a death penalty
Westword – Denver, CO
Selected by 16 Film Festivals worldwide.


How did a rebel public defender from Boulder, Colorado throw a monkey wrench into America's 'death machine'? Slip into a juror’s seat as David Wymore and other nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys bring their fight against the death penalty to the front line: the courtroom.

Casting a revelatory and often uncomfortable light on our justice system, The Life Penalty shakes the ethical and moral foundations of capital punishment in the contemporary United States. Featuring two Bob Dylan songs, including the never before released 'Ballad of Donald White'.