EL CUARTO (The Fourth)


Genre: Suspense, Coming of Age
Language: Spanish
Country of Origin: Columbia
Running Time: 95 minutes
Medium: High Definition
Rights: All Rights Available


Director: Gustavo Torres Gil
Producer: Gustavo Torres Gil
Executive Producer: Gustavo Torres Gil
Associate Producer: Julio Velandia
Editor: Gustavo Torres Gil
Cinematographer: Cristian Gil / Ricardo Ramirez
Cast: Kevin Towers, Gavo Figueira, Claudia Cadavid
Music by: Maro Market
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Simon, a lonely boy who has lost his father in a car accident, has to face rising conflicts when Mario, the new and mysterious school teacher, starts dating Sarah, his beautiful mother. Simon doesn't accept the new father figure and discovers Mario's real intentions while struggling with his own fears and the indiscreet look of a nosy catholic priest. In a school trip, Mario disappears mysteriously letting Simon and his friends alone in the woods; while wandering around, the boys witness a black mass and pick up an enigmatic medallion. When Mario realizes the boys found the medallion, he wants to recover it, bringing deadly consequences for all. Simon tries to warn his mother, but Sarah is in love and rejects any accusation. It is only when the connections between Satanism, pedophilia and Mario's past are revealed and Sarah is framed to leave the house letting Simon alone that she realizes the danger she had put her son in, but... is it too late? Or will Sarah be back on time to protect her son?