Cricket and The Little Girl Power

Cricket and The Little Girl PowerOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 13 - 22 minute episo
Medium: HD
Rights: All Rights Available


Director: Z-Man
Producer: Z-Man
Co-Producers:Lucy Blake, Jack Casadone Marisa Miles, Marla Hanson, Rod H. Belle,Betsie McGarry Damon Finch
Editor: Z-Man, Jack Casadone, Heather Braverman , Tayla Blake, Krystle Tomlinson, Emily Abrom, Katy Apostolico, Elizabeth Lee, Ted O’Dell, Marc Raco , Lewis Thompson
Writer: Z-Man
Director of Photography: Wayne Bissinger
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


It's Saturday morning, 6am, a special group of trained agents is approaching a guarded compound. Is it S.W.A.T, special forces, Navy Seals? No it's "Crickett and The Little Girl Power" armed with wit, style and the ability to get the job done.

You see it all started when the government decided to form a new agency to fight crime among kids. Collectively, they chose a "computer hacker", a "con Artist", a "Golden Glove champion", a "thief" and a "brain" to fight crime.

In our first episode the five misfits are thrown into a huge mansion and are forced to live with each other and their bad habits. "Crickett", the self proclaimed leader of the little girl power devises with a plan for the girls to escape the homemade prison, using the skills and assets of each and every girl.

The plans comes together and the girls execute it with pure genius, as they battle a team of security guards, state of the art alarms, surveillance systems and each other.

Follow these five misfits as they fight crime in the new comedy TV series "Crickett and The Little Girl Power!