The Word


Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 104 Minutes
Medium: RED/ DCP

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Director: Gregory W. Friedle (Fake)
Producer: Stephen Grimaldi
Cast: Kevin O’Donnell (Salt); James Naughton (The Devil Wears Prada); Maggie Lacey
Distributor: Montecristo for Worldwide Rights
Cinematographer: Matthew Boyd
Writer: Stephen Grimaldi
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Tom Hawkins (O’Donnell) is a single father struggling to cope with the destruction of his once-perfect life in the wake of his son’s abduction and murder. When the FBI, led by agent Mike Sheehy (Naughton), informs him that the homicide appears to be part of a string of crimes carried out by an enigmatic sect, Hawkins inappropriately inserts himself into the investigation and embarks on a cunning path of revenge.

Following a brutal courtroom attack on the suspected kidnapper, Tom is ordered for psychological assessments and therapy. He enters his counseling with no intention to change his coldblooded plans but slowly opens up to Dr. Tracy Brodeur (Lacey) and finds a friend in her.

As the investigation continues, the FBI uncovers the cryptic pattern of the killings hidden in the details of an ancient Aztec calendar. They also learn that the date for the next child to be slain looms only days away. In parallel, Hawkins’ own reconnaissance unveils that an undercover FBI agent may know much more than he’s letting on. Convinced the agent is involved in the sacrifices, Tom sets his sights on him as a target for retribution.

But through his counseling, his deep religious faith, and a series of extraordinary twists, Tom reconsiders whether or not his path of vengeance is the right choice... until the improbable killer is revealed. The aftermath can only be sorted out by God.