Tucson Aerobatic Shootout

Tucson Aerobatic ShootoutOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 80 minutes
Medium: NTSC-DVD 16x9 (shot and available in HD 720p)
Rights: All rights available

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Director: David Quint
Producer: Douglas Bry
Assistant Producer: Lisa Goldsworthy
Editor: David Lenk
Assistant Editors: Sam Cramer, Leah Bry
Cinematography: David Quint, KT! Eaton, Charles Gary, Mike Hurley, David Lenk
Narrator: Jeff Kingery
Original Score: Kelly Bryarly
Sound Mix: Zlatko
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


The best model airplane film ever made?! In my humble opinion, yes.

“Best” is not too strong a word to describe this widescreen, 80 minute documentary film delivering video content that is unequalled. We watched on a high definition TV, cranked up the surround sound, poured some wine, and sat back in our armchairs.
3-D Flyer

You’ll be glued to your chair for the full 80-minute blaze of brilliant color and sound that puts you in the front row to experience the passion of top level radio control artisans. The international talent and personalities
shine through as they face off in the classic old west landscape of southern Arizona.
Model Aviation


An international field of radio-control daredevils battle one another and the laws of physics in pursuit of the most prestigious championship in giant-scale model aviation. The ace pilots, including child prodigies, insomniac modelers, military drone pilots, and a pool cleaner, tell their stories and perform mind blowing aerobatic maneuvers to music. Who will win and how do they do it?