Father G and the Home Boys

Father G and the Home BoysOVERVIEW

Language: English

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Director: John Bohm, Pete Tapia
Original Music: Bill Newlin
Original Artwork:Jose Ramirez
Producer: John Bohm
Narrated by:Martin Sheen
Narration Written by:Merle Goldberg
Editor: Pete Tapia
Cinematography:Marc Saltarelli/Bong Hung
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Here’s what they’re saying

“I urge you to check out directors John Bohm and Pete Tapia’s “Father G and the Homeboys”… an inspiring film.”
--Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly

“Mandatory viewing…truly inspiring”
--Ernest Hardy, L.A. Weekly

“Compelling, alarming, poignant and ultimately inspiring, “Father G and the Homeboys” couldn’t be timelier for anyone who wants to see what’s really going on, and what is possible, in Los Angeles.”
--Tom Cendejas, Latino L.A.

“Heart-wrenching and powerful”
--Candice Courtney Mc Fadyen, L.A.’s The Place Los Angeles Magazine

“This film is a testimony on how a couple of people can make a change in other people’s lives. Bohm and Tapia’s documentary should be seen by everyone!”
--Carlos Morales, The Voice Newspaper

“Profound…all high school students across America
should see this film”
--Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, Director-Cine Sin Fin Film Festival

“It’s rare to see a film that really moves you
towards seeking out change: Change from within, change in the community and change in the system…It inspires and touches the heart”
--Kamern Curiel-RealTALK LA