What's the T?

What's the T?OVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 68 Minutes
Rights: Thigh High Productions

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Director: Cecilio Asuncion
Producer: Cecilio Asuncion
Executive Producer: Brian Anderson, Kelly Sims
Editor: Israel Luna
Cast: Cassandra Cass, Mia Tu Mutch, Melanie Nya Ampon, Rakash Armani, Vi Le
Distributor: Eye Film Releasing for Worldwide Rights
Writer: Cecilio Asuncion, Joshua Jones
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"Such an amazing display of the human life and how we are all made of
the same fabric" - US Asian Post

"A great way to blow the minds of the uninitiated." - LA Transgender
Film Festival

"…The film does a loving and lively job of uncovering their truths." -
Frameline Film Festival


What’s the T is a documentary that explores the challenges, successes, and lives of five transgender women. These five women represent normality and abnormality, seamlessly, in their daily efforts to achieve a balance of feminine and masculine, as the day may require.
These women are prime examples of reality and self-assurance in identity.

With effortless candor and courage, the 5 ladies of What’s the T display their day to day lives. They exhibit the hard work one must possess in order to achieve success as defined by them. All these women have gone through similar experiences and all have risen above these trials to gain what is rightfully theirs in their own fields. While the battle is a long and arduous one, these women have proven and are still proving that they will end up on top.

The documentary features Cassandra Cass who is a performer at the Starlight Room in San Francisco, Rakash Armani an up and coming star in the ballroom scene, Nya an ingénue from AsiaSF, Vi Le is a biology and psychology major in SFSU working towards her medical degree, and Mia TuMutch who is a youth advocate for the San Francisco Youth Commission.