Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 85 minutes
Medium: High Definition 24p


Director: Michael Linn
Producer: Chris Eyre, Carolyn Linn
Executive Producer: Carolyn Linn
Co-Executive Producers: Marc Linn, Dennis Linn, Eric Linn
Editor: Michael Linn, Marc Linn
Original Score: Michael Linn
Cast: Tonantzin Carmelo, Michael Spears, Carla-Rae Holland, Cory Brusseau, Charlie White Buffalo, Chief David Bald Eagle, Tokala Clifford
Cinematographer: Michael Linn
Writer: Michael Linn, Keith Davenport
Distributor: International - Cohen, Domestic - MTI
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


The delight in seeing this contemporary characterization of American Indians was nearly as great in being outwitted by the screenplay. For those mystery-lover movie buffs who enjoyed being shocked by unpredicted endings such as those in "The Sixth Sense," "Primal Fear" and "Fracture," this is a must-see. The final twist is the kind that pulls you to the edge of your seat and makes you enjoy the movie far beyond the initial thrill.—Bismarck Tribune

Yes, it does take place on a reservation and includes Native cultural and religious references. Yes, it does have Indians playing Indians and the conflicts facing contemporary Natives. It has all those things. But Imprint is not an “Indian” movie. At least, not by conventional thinking. And that’s to Eyre’s and director Michael Linn’s credit, as they have redefined what we’ve come to expect of a film depicting Native America and in this case, women in Native America. Imprint stamps an indelible new mark. –NativeVue

Weaving Native American mythology throughout the engaging storyline, "Imprint" is fresh, original and expertly constructed, a contemporary drama with compelling characters and fascinating twists… edge-of-your-seat suspense reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film. –RC Journal


When Shayla Stonefeather (Tonantzin Carmelo, Steven Spielberg’s Into the West) returns home to say good-bye to her dying father, ghostly voices and strange visions propel her on a journey that forces her to re-examine everything she thought she knew.

Though Shayla, a successful young Native American attorney, initially rejects a spiritual explanation for her experiences, she begins to uncover what she believes is a link between the visions and her brother’s disappearance two years earlier.

Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Shayla deliberately confronts and follows the apparitions, leading her to a horrifying revelation and a confrontation with fate she could never have foreseen.

Stunning cinematography, powerful performances by Carmelo and other cast members, and a shocking twist ending that Variety calls “ingeniously logical” add up to a spellbinding, unforgettable experience.