The Living and the Dead

The Living and the DeadOVERVIEW

Language: Croatian
Country of Origin: Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Running Time: 87 Min

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Director: Kristijan Milić
Directors of Photography: Dragan Marković and Mirko Pivčević
Producer: Igor A. Nola, Domagoj Pavic, Miro Barnjak, Marijo Vukadin
Production: Mainframe Production / Porta produkcija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / Olimp produkcija / UMA Produkcija
Co-Producers: HRT / RTV BiH
Editor: Goran Guberović
Costume Designer:Vedrana Rapić
Sound Editor: Ivica Drnić
Visual Effects: Goran Rukavina
Distributor: Vanguard Domestic Vision High Impact Ent International
Writer: Josip Mlakić
Screenplay: Josip Mlakić (based upon his novel)
Makeup Artists: Snježana Gorup and Ana Bulajić-Črček
Music: Andrija Milić
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Best Croatian War Film of All Time (Tomislav Kurelec,“Vjesnik”)


In this award winning adaptation of Josip Mlakic’s popular novel, first time director Kristijan Milic expertly illustrates that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

It’s the same place, the same circumstances, but fifty years apart.

Weaving between warfare in 1943 and 1993, this war film highlights the haunting parallels of both: a squadron of HVO (recent Bosnian Croat's Army soldiers) as they walk the same path and the same fate of their Domobran (defenders of the Croat Independent State) forefathers – half a century before
them. As soldiers from both eras make their way toward an eerie cemetery, the hopeless cycle of bloodshed seems to repeat itself continuously and forever. We are all dead, just waiting to be buried.