Genre: Feature Film Drama/Fantasy
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 91 minutes
Medium: 35 MM Negative Master
Rights: All Rights Available

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Director: Richard Horian
Producer: Richard Horian
Music Compositions of Ralph Vaughan Williams
Editor: Mark Harris
Processing: 35 MM Panavision, Color By Deluxe, Dolby Sound
Cast: Deni Delori
Cinematographer: Richard Brooks
Production Manager: Lisa Karadjian
Production Designer: Marcus Abbot
Costume Designer: Shana Schoepke
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"Richard Horian's ambitious period film matches the soaring, romantic music of British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams to an exquisite tale of the supernatural. -- A "Ballet Without Dance', Horian has done a superb job of matching mood, movement and storytelling to Vaughan Williams' music in a way that is at once natural and graceful."
Kevin Thomas - Los Angeles Times

"Williamstowne eloquently elevates and dignifies the spirit through the genuinely mystical telling of a story that touches us as universal, comforting, and rejuvenating, bearing us emotionally nearer not only to one another but also even to loved ones absent. First rate! I highly recommend it."
John Santana - KKGO Classical Music Radio

"Williamstowne marries cinematography and soundtrack in a way that has rarely been experienced by mainstream audiences --- made in the tradition of highly romanticized films such as "Wuthering Heights". This is the kind of date-night movie that will lead naturally to a latte and conversation afterward."
Bob McCarthy - Daily News

"A big surprise to see a film with a new way of communicating in the universal language of
music. A very emotional and surprising film. I loved it!"
Gui De Mulder - Canal Plus, France


It has been said that “music is the language of the soul” because it can express emotions that cannot be put into words. “Williamstowne” is a unique motion picture that for the first time matches a feature length live action story measure for measure to some of the most lyrically exquisite music ever composed. Follow Sarah as her spirit returns to visit her loved ones in the 18th century seaport village of Williamstowne. They cannot see her, only feel her presence. She cannot touch them, her touch is death. Love brings Sarah back each year on the anniversary of her death. Only love can now give her peace.