The Bridge


Genre: Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 110 minutes
Medium: HD - DVD
Rights: UrbanSuburbanFilms, Inc.

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Director: Torrance Colvin
Producer: Chad Evans
Executive Producer: Chad Evans, Derrick Rivers
Original Score Chad Rehmann
Cast: A.K. Adams, Gordon Timothy, Sheila Cutchlow, Lily Girma, and Leo Goodman
Writer: Chad Evans
Distributor: Worldwide - Loose Cannon
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Imagine having no idea what success looks like. Is it possible to wake up each morning with everything imaginable to suggest that you are successful and still be a complete failure?

Is it possible to have no education, money, or social status and be well on your way to success?

Darnell Smith had it all—a new promotion, a beautiful wife, a home in an exclusive neighborhood in the suburbs, a six figure salary and a luxury vehicle. If only that was what he truly wanted out of life. He is the definition of success—at least from the perspective of Jalen Johnson, a 26 year-old hustler from the city. Jalen has made a career out of mediocrity and has yet to find a suitable career that will leverage his greatest asset—being unaccountable.

Facing the biggest challenge of his career and closing a highly sought contract, Darnell must balance the challenge of negotiating the deal with mentoring his undeserving understudy.

Watch their ideals of life; love, and family collide as Darnell attempts to transition Jalen from a jobless swindler to businessman. Can this unique opportunity end in success despite tremendous gaps in understanding and a high degree of unfamiliarity?