Tibor Jankay - The Art of Survival

Tibor Jankay - The Art of SurvivalOVERVIEW

Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 39:55 minutes
Medium: 16mm, color and video


Director: Harlan Steinberger
Producer: Harlan Steinberger, Mitchell Rubinstein
Co-producer: Page Ostrow
Executive Producer: Randi Steinberger
Editor: Leslie Jones
Cinematographer: Robert Fresco
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Mr. Tibor Jankay is a true and active senior citizen of Venice, and is an inspiration to all who are fortunate to know him. His "Spirit of Venice" painting was completed before establishment of our "Spirit of Venice" award. Accordingly it is most fitting and poetic that he should be one of this years recipients of this award.

Venice Summer Festival program


Tibor Jankay - The Art Of Survival documents the life of a 94 year old Hungarian born artist who used his artistic skills to survive the Holocaust. In one instance, Tibor escaped death using a sculptor�s chisel to dig a hole in the bottom of a train bound for Aushwitz. The horrific experiences of war had caused him great suffering, so to ease his pain he moved to Venice, California and surrounded himself with images of love and beauty.

In California, Tibor spent much of his time along the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk where he became a mentor to thousands of young artists, inspiring them with his incredible survival stories and philosophies of forgiveness. Tibor was a rare artist in that he refused to sell his works and was always reluctant to exhibit them. Included in this film are these very paintings, sketches and sculptures that have until now been virtually hidden from the public eye.