Run Robot Run!


Genre: Sci Fi Comedy/Romantic Comedy
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 82 minutes
Medium: HD

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Director: Daniel O’Connor
Producer: Daniel O’Connor
Executive Producer: Nicholas D. Tabarrok
Cast: Chris Gibbs, Lara Kelly, Christian Potenza, Peter Mooney
Writer: Daniel O’Connor
Distributor: Domestic - Vanguard
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“...the kind of wide appeal that makes for good watching.”
- Steve Anderson FILM THREAT

“A tight script, smart casting and sharp direction ...more Office Space than Space Invaders”
- Ken Eisner, VARIETY

“Robot Rocks! Imagine The Office set in the not-too-distant future...”
- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“A tip of the hat to The Office and Woody Allen’s Sleeper...”
– Michael D. Reid, Victoria Times Columnist

“Surprisingly funny ... aided immeasurably by solid performances among the three leads.”
- Christopher Null, FILMCRITIC.COM

“Because the movie makes a point about isolating the human qualities that make us meaningful to one another, it has more than one layer, and a little nugget of meaning inaddition to its ample charms.”
- Katherine Monk, VANCOUVER SUN

“Make a date to see it if it comes near you.”


RUN ROBOT RUN! is a comedy about life, love and robots. Compared by critics to both Woody Allen’s Sleepers and The Office, it’s a film that makes us laugh while telling a cautionary tale about where we could be headed if we continue to let our relationship with technology supercede meaningful personal contact.

Kent Weston lives in the future. Life is comfortably predictable until one day when heis replaced in his job by a robot. A very human robot. Good looking. Sexy.

When Kent’s pretty colleague Allison starts to show more interest in the robot thanshe does in Kent, Kent declares war. With the help of his techno buddy Garth, hedevises more and more elaborate schemes designed to destroy the robot. But proving that he is better than a machine isn’t as easy as he thought.

Kent eventually realizes that the only way to win Allison’s heart is for him to do things he never thought possible.