Crossing Nirvana

Crossing NirvanaOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 91 minutes
Medium: High Definition Video
Format:16 x 9
Rights: Foreign & U.S.

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Director: Martin Forcier
Producer: Marie Lemay, Martin Forcier and Paul Martineau
Executive Producer: John Peer
Editor: Martin Forcier
Original Score:Sebastien Tremblay
Cast: Donny Falsetti, Janet Lane, Larry Day, Matthew Stefiuk, Robert Reynolds, Sean Tucker
Cinematographer: James Ransom
Writer: Martin Forcier
Distributor: Canada - Incendo
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Alex Blake had everything, until the day a tragic accident took the life of his wife, his soul-mate and sent him into a deep coma. Upon awakening to a world he no longer connects with, he embarks on a dark path of revenge, ultimately leading him toward a journey that finds him rediscovering himself and his purpose. The unpredictable chain of events thrust him into a hellish encounter that will prove to him that even in tragedy and horror, fate has led him to this point.

Seen through the mind’s eye of a dying man’s fragmented memories, CROSSiNG NiRVANA has a unique and personal visual style, throwing the audience from one unexpected event into another. In the end, everything comes together full circle and will leave audiences wanting to see it again!