Blissful Lies

Blissful LiesOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 140mins
Medium: Digital 1280x720 24p
Rights: All Rights Available


Director: Jennifer Brown Thomas
Producer: Carl Jackson
Executive Producer: Teenia Brown, Tim Brown, Barbara Duke
Editor: Godfrey Pye
Cast: Leann Hunley, Zach Rose, April Hartman, Stacy Wall, Tiffany Lonsdale-Hands, Teri Medina Galvan, Matt Moody, Sarah Kate Allsup, Kaitlin Sliger
Cinematographer: Robert Tullier
Writer: Jennifer Brown Thomas
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Emmy award winning actress Leann Hunley stars in this dramatic feature film exploring the close ties and bonds between five friends. They find the limits of their relationships are tested to the extreme as lies abruptly rise to the surface and threaten everything they thought they knew. There are several conflicts throughout the film. The most obvious conflict is a relationship between two main characters, which is scrutinized due to the age gap and one characters social stature. The other main conflict is the multiple secrets each group member is keeping from one another. Once their secrets are divulged, they are left wondering if it is too much to move forward as the "family" they once were. As each individual has been faced with an extremely difficult decision, they have made a choice which may or may not have been the right one. As life gets messy for these characters they find sometimes the right thing means doing what feels wrong. Join us on the journey which allows true love to come to the forefront despite obvious obstacles, fearful hatred to emerge with a vengeance and everyone is forced to choose in the end..... Will the group fall apart at the seams or will the strong bonds of everlasting friendship withstand the fire of deceit?