Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Dustin Hoffman
Page Ostrow at the Hollwood Film Awards with Dustin Hoffman

Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Dustin Hoffman
Page Ostrow at the Hollwood Film Awards with Dustin Hoffman

Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Quinten Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein
Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Quinten Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein

Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Bradley Cooper and Tom Ford
Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Bradley Cooper and Tom Ford

Page Ostrow at Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet with Bradley Cooper and Tom Ford

Page Ostrow on the Red Carpet at the Hollwood Film Awards
Page Ostrow on the Red Carpet at the Hollwood Film Awards

Page Ostrow at the Beverly Hills Film Festival
Page Ostrow at the Beverly Hills Film Festival

Tom Garrett, Page Ostrow and Jerome Pailliard, Cannes Film Festival and Marche Director
Tom Garrett, Page Ostrow and Jerome Pailliard, Cannes Film Festival and Marche Director

Tom Garrett, Page Ostrow and Jerome Pailliard, Cannes Film Festival and Marche Director
Tom Garrett, Page Ostrow and Jerome Pailliard, Cannes Film Festival and Marche Director

Page Ostrow Laurel Walsh - Women In Film Santa Barbara
Page Ostrow Laurel Walsh -Women In Film Santa Barbara

Page Ostrow Michael Paszt Cinemavault Party Cannes Film Festival
Page Ostrow Michael Paszt Cinemavault Party Cannes Film Festival

Page Ostrow at the Reel Women Awards

Page Ostrow with Benicio Del Toro
United Nations Film Festival Awards

Page Ostrow with Billy Zane
‘Titanic’ Rap Party

Page Ostrow with Clint Eastwood

Page Ostrow with Ernest Borgnine
Theatrical Premiere Flordia

Page Ostrow with Mark Cuban
NATPE TV Las Vegas

Page Ostrow with Rick Fox, Jeff Porter, Eliza Dushku
Ostrow & Co. Offices, Beverly Hills

Page Ostrow with Tara Wood
Cannes Film Festival, France

Page Ostrow with Bill Gotlieb
Raleigh Studio Lot, Hollywood

Page Ostrow with John Landis, Vegas Film Festival
Page Ostrow with John Landis, Vegas Film Festival



Following our conversation, I just want to send you a note to say thank you for all the wonderful films you submitted to us.

As always I find the films you represent to be well crafted, thought provoking and compelling, and enjoy screening and reviewing them for consideration at HBO.

Please keep them coming. I look forward to your future film projects and to continuing to work together.

With most sincere regards,

Gregory Rhem — Director – HBO Documentary Films

Being new film makers, we really did not know how distribution works.
So we truly appreciate how Page Ostrow very patiently explained to us
the process of finding distributors for our film HARANA. She took time
to get to know us, answer all our questions, and guide us through the
complicated process. We are so grateful for her enthusiasm and belief
in our film.

During the talks with distributors, we felt Ostrow and Company was
really on our side and took care of our interest. Page understood that
we are a mom and pop shop, and her staff were always helpful and
accommodating. We learned a lot from Page, and her staff always
responded to all our calls and inquiries. They always kept us up to
date with the progress they were making.

Best of all, Ostrow and Company got us both worldwide and US
distribution within 3 months or so of signing up with them.

We highly recommend Ostrow and Company, they deliver!

Fides Enriquez & Florante Aguilar — Harana

I regard Page Ostrow as one of the most professional and trustworthy representatives in Hollywood. Straightforward and without any of the BS that indie filmmakers run into in this most delicate phase of their creation… giving birth and letting go of their baby. Page has proven to me to be a splendid ‘midwife’!

She found a fantastic home for my film within 5 months of signing up with her. She is one of those rare species that effortlessly bridges the gap between those that see and make film as art and those that buy film as product.

Rolf Winters — Producer/Director ZOOMAN

All I can really say is Ostrow and Co. was the best thing to happen not only to my film, but also career in film in general. I am aware that this seems like a grandiose statement, but I really mean it.

Page and her colleagues secured us a worldwide distribution deal with E7 within just 2 months of signing with her. But beyond that, as soon as that deal was signed, Page was right there for me discussing future projects, organizing meetings for me with her amazing contacts, and telling me everything I needed to know when I attended my first Cannes.

Of course these decisions are very personal, but for me, signing with Ostrow and Co. was definitely worth it and I am thrilled to be working with them.

India Irving — Monte Reve Producer

Venturing into the film world was unknown territory for me. Page Ostrow
and her team put me at ease. They explained how the industry works and where
the potential market existed for our documentary. At each step of the way,
Page and her team kept me informed, answered questions and helped in a very
real way chart the path through unfamiliar territory! Her persistence paid
off with the recent signing of an international distribution deal.

Jonathan Smith — “In The Hour of Victory”

Ostrow and Company more than exceeded my expectations by not only getting me a deal for my film but getting it before the AFM. The whole process was very smooth and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for my film

John Burkett — Creator of The Last Mile

“Working with Ostrow and Company not only got me a distribution deal but more importantly has taught me the very important intricacies of the industry. As an out gay Film maker, Page Ostrow is someone you truly would want on your side representing not only your work, but you as an individual as well.”

Cecilio Asuncion — Producer “What’s the T

Working with Ostrow and Company has been fantastic. We signed with them in the hopes that they would find a distributor for ‘Today We Have The Power’ at the American Film Market in LA. Amazingly, they secured a distributor for our film within a few weeks of us signing with them, well before AFM. Because of their hard work, the film is poised to make the impact we worked so hard for it to make.

Simon Christopher — Today We Have The Power

Being new to the industry and unfamiliar with distribution processes, our team was referred to Ostrow & Company upon editing completion. After a short phone conversation with Page, I felt not only relieved but for the first time, excited, about the concept of distribution. After hearing the vast experience and knowledge with words of encouragement coming from them, I felt a sense of calm and motivation to move forward. And then – the phone call – we had a worldwide distribution offer on the table. We could not have gotten to this point with this project without the unyielding support and drive from Page and her team. “Thank You” just doesn’t express our heartfelt gratitude for working so diligently to place our film and the encouragement and support you have shown all of us. Selecting Ostrow & Company as our Producer’s Representative was the best decision we could have made. There just aren’t words to express my appreciation. Until next time…

Teenia Brown — “Blissful Lies”

Ostrow and Company has been very helpful concerning the film Harisma. From the beginning Page and her colleagues have been very helpful and have addressed very quickly all the issues that may have occurred. I was very impressed with their interest and knowledge on the film and business, giving me the impression that they know it very well. We have come to an agreement with a distribution Company, Panorama, only a few months after Ostrow & Company took on the film which is much earlier than I expected.

Christina Ioakimidi — Producer – Harisma

For my partner Robert J. Escandon and I, working with Ostrow and Company has been like something straight out of a Hollywood success story! At first we thought: It’s too good to be true! When I had a question I preferred to hear a voice and not an email. They went the extra step and made sure that I never got a voice mail. There was always someone there to help us and they always let me know where they were with my film. Page Ostrow is VERY busy so when I asked to speak with her and she got on the phone, it was one of the best moments of my life! Also hearing her say: “Congratulations!! You now have WORLD wide distribution for you film,” is also something I will never forget. All independent filmmakers should do this if they value the time and hard work of all the people that stand behind your dream as a filmmaker! If Page Ostrow calls, trust her..

Tremain A. Brown — Producer for The Empty

After creating a near perfect documentary 4 years in the making, my film was running out of steam. The film made it into several film festivals but offers were not jumping at the opportunity to distribute it. The problem was not how good the film was, the problem was getting it into the hands of an ambitious producers representative that would believe in my film. Then Ostrow and Co, “Page Ostrow” took an initiative. Once I had already exhausted resources and ran out of film festivals Page Ostrow again believed my film had potential. I signed with her and retained Ostrow and Company. She took it to the Cannes Film Festival and about 47 days later “boom” deal, that’s results! The rest is history and you can see what it’s done for me when you watch my documentary film: Haight Ashbury: The Beat of A Generation. I’m Weld Conley, sshhh enjoy the film.

Weld Conley — Haight Ashbury: The Beat of A Generation.

When we met a film scout from Ostrow and Company at a film festival we were hesitant at having to spend any more money on the film. But we weren’t getting any where by ourselves. In fact we had already been turned down by HBO but that’s exactly who Page Ostrow sold it to when we finally decided to hire her! She was able to negociate a mid-6 figure deal with Sheila Nevins at HBO for the world premiere of JUVIES even igniting a bidding war between Showtime and HBO. Shortly thereafter the team at Ostrow and Company negotiated the international rights for JUVIES during Cannes Film Festival. We realize now that there are those who make films and those who sell them. It was worth every penny to retain experienced and professional producers representatatives like the great team at Ostrow and Company.

Producers: Leslie Neale, Mark Wahlberg — “Juvies” Chance Films

Working with Ostrow and Company has been fantastic. Not only are they supportive, dedicated, well-connected in the business and always available whenever I have a question, but they got us a worldwide distribution deal with a top company in less than 3 months. The results speak for themselves! Paige, and the whole team are so wonderful and I’m beyond thrilled my team, now includes them.

India Irving — Producer – Monte Reve

The landscape in Hollywood has become much more competitive in the past three years and with the country tittering on the edge of recession its only getting worse. In this new era anyone owning a digital camcorder and a computer can churn out a movie, and as a result the market has become historically saturated.

Hiring a producers rep is not something I took lightly, I have a long history of being a “do it yourselfer” the idea of paying someone to do something I could do myself seemed like a bad choice. I attended numerous distribution seminars, all pedaling easy answers while at the same time being taught by people who had no real track records.

Some of the schools of thought included –

1. Only show your trailer, never let a potential distributor see your entire film.
2. Only allow a potential distributor to screen your film in a packed theater of cheering fans, or have them attend when you win a festival.
3. Wine and dine potential distributors, until they feel a personal connection.

These are all good ideas, but in this day and age, many times just are not real. At the end of the day, a potential distributor is going to sit in-front of a TV & watch your film. Trouble is that regardless if he or she likes your work, its so easy for your film to get lost in the multitudes of new product being released every week.

I learned back in the music business that Hollywood is a closed society, and its for this reason I am satisfied with my decision to hire Page Ostrow. After sending out countless DVD’s and getting rejected by a few major cable broadcasters it all came down to Page having lunch with an old friend and the next thing you know I have a Showtime deal. Could I have done it without her? Maybe, but all I know is that out of the throngs of films that mine came out with, competing in many of the same festivals, mine is the only one premiering on Showtime.

Kevin Booth — Producer, American Drug Wars

When we first retained Ostrow and Company we had several foreign distribution offers. Ostrow and Company was able to get us a low six figure advance that was much higher than what we were first offered. Sometime later, we were offered several domestic deals that were far lower than what we expected and Ostrow and Company worked tirelessly to get us the right deal. I am not sure if another producer’s rep company would have stuck it out as long to secure us the best domestic deal. Needless to say, I would recommend them to other filmmakers who are trying to navigate through the distribution maze. I am very glad we worked with them.

Stefan Marc — Producer, Dating Games People Play

There is something to be said for the satisfaction of making an independent film in a one-room office on a tight budget. We found the key to be tedious organization and spending money wisely, and we were able to hire some of the most experienced technical professionals for post-production as a result.

When it came time to find the most experienced professionals to represent our film for distribution, we had several options, including sales agents who simply wanted a cut of any sales with no retainer. In the end, it was the passionate and eager response from Page Ostrow and her staff along with their proven track record that gave us great confidence in their ability to get our movie seen and distributed. Although funds were running short, we felt that putting money on the line up front with a determined rep would create a relationship of vested interests. The team at Ostrow & Company, met with us for a strategy session and quickly sought out great interest in our movie just weeks after we signed with Ostrow and Company.

It is evident now that even our most aggressive grassroots efforts to find distribution on our own would have taken far too long and may have been for naught. After three months working closely with Page and her colleagues, they landed a deal with Starz Entertainment and retained our rights for further distribution. And the support continues.

One of the most impressive elements in this firm is the full, direct access to our representatives. Every time I contacted them, they were Jeff, available to talk and answer questions. They continue to be a tremendous guide through the often convoluted distribution process, notifying us of additional avenues and offers.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Ostrow and Company and are excited to update our future progress with more success.

Ben Lemoine — Producer/Director, The Experiment

When we decided to use Ostrow & Company rather than try to negotiate a distribution deal ourselves, things happened very quickly. The Ostrow & Company team found a distributor for us within DAYS of signing with them. As independent filmmakers, we had prepared ourselves for distribution to be a long and tedious process. When the representative called us to tell us they had locked in the terms we had asked for, we were in shock. The Ostrow team has the knowledge, resources and the contacts necessary not only to find a distributor for a film but to find the right distributor for each film it takes on. Thank you to Page, and the entire Ostrow team!

Jessica Baker — Exploder

After screening our feature film RAIN DOWN at the Los Angeles Femme Film Festival in October 2010, we (Rain Down Pictures Inc.) were contacted by a scout from Ostrow and Company to see if we might be a fit for them and them for us. This started an interesting and educational process wherein we eventually signed with them to be our Producer’s Representatives. All the communications I had with Ostrow’s team, were prompt, polite and encouraging. At the same time, Rain Down Pictures was in negotiations with a Canadian distributor and their U.S. partner for the rights to distribute RAIN DOWN in Canada, the US and internationally. I had found the negotiations frustrating and unproductive and was happy to turn over negotiations to Page Ostrow, although I did not have a lot of hope that it was a deal worth saving. Well, what do you know? Page was able to negotiate a much better fee, a more reasonable term, cut the expenses cap in half and, best of all, get them to agree to a Performance Clause wherein if they don’t reach a certain dollar amount within two years, Rain Down Pictures has the option to get my film back. I would never have thought to even try for something like that on my own. Thanks Page, thanks Ostrow and Company.

Alyson Drysdale — RAIN DOWN – Executive Producer and Screenwriter

Hi Everyone At Ostrow and Company!

Just wanted to say another BIG Thank You for coming to do the panel with me on Tuesday night. You were all fantastic. I got such amazing feedback from tons of people. Your honest information and incredible advice and wisdom was amazing. A major contribution to everyone there!!!

Suzanne — www.snowfallfilms.com

Working with Ostrow and Company has been an interesting experience and our first steps in going beyond doing it all ourselves. Working with the Ostrow team has been terrific and the regular conversations we have had with them from the other side of the world clarified many of the doubts and anxieties we had. We signed up after borrowing money from friends and family, who all were primed that it could be a losing gamble. Five months down the track, we were presented with our first deal, then a few weeks later, another came through with a different distribution company where Page negotiated a deal which would see us getting returns on the first sale rather than the distributor only paying out once they recouped their expenses, plus P&A.

Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader — Taking the Wae Wae Express

Ostrow and Company were always ready to answer questions and provide status updates as we went through the process of selling In Pursuit of a Dream. Her team’s contacts and negotiating skills helped us land with a distributor that we fill will give us the global exposure we desire.

Travis Boley

I am a film-maker and don’t have the experience, contacts or personality to get an international distribution deal for my film. But Page Ostrow has, and has done just that for my low-budget independent Australian feature film, FOUR OF A KIND. It’s a small film about four women so it was pleasing and also appropriate to have a female representing it in the marketplace.

I was wary of an upfront retainer but Ostrow and Company were easy to work with, readily accessible and kept me informed of their activities on behalf of my film. It’s early stages yet as the ink’s not yet dry on the deal, but I hope to keep working with Page on future films.

Fiona Cochrane — Producer/Director – FOUR OF A KIND

When we completed our first feature film, Without Light, we never realized the time, effort and contacts required to market the film to distributors. As with many independent filmmakers we had other jobs that required our time and limited time available to find and negotiate distribution of our film.

After struggling with the marketing of the project, we made the important decision to seek out a producers’ representative. That is when we were first exposed to Ostrow and Company. Unlike the other reps I talked to, Page Ostrow clearly wanted to understand our needs and expectations and to help us achieve them.

Throughout the process both Page, and the sales associate Tim Morell, kept us informed as to the progress they were making. We regularly were provided with a list of which distribution companies had been contacted and the feedback on our film by those companies. What really impressed us was that our emails and telephone calls were answered on a prompt and professional basis.

If I had it to do all over again the only thing I would do different would be to get Ostrow and Company involved in the project from the beginning of the marketing process. I would highly recommend Page and her staff to any independent filmmaker who is looking for a professional producers’ rep.

Gordon Milne — Producer “Without Light” President, Second Impact Entertainment Inc.

Our movie had been on the festival circuit for several months, after premiering at South by Southwest, and we had been able to get it into the hands of several acquisitions people, including some fairly high up in some big companies. Many even took the time to respond with a phone call and tell us what they liked about the movie. But none of them took it on. Some smaller companies approached us about DVD and international distribution, but it’s a jungle out there and difficult to know whom to trust.

We had looked into a few producers’ reps as well when we heard about Ostrow and Company. Page took the time to educate us a bit before we finally decided to sign with the company. The team at Ostrow is professional yet personable, and had the experience we lacked in navigating the distribution minefield. Within just a few weeks, we had offers on the table from solid distributors, and have since signed for international and domestic DVD distribution. We are at the beginning of this process, but without the expert help from Ostrow, we would probably be still sifting through potential distributors, trying to make sense of it all, for several more months.

Thank you, Page and Tim, for caring about us and our movie, for quickly finding the best opportunities available for distribution, and for your patient and professional handling of negotiations.

Carolyn Linn — Producer, Imprint

Page and her staff at Ostrow and Company are true professionals. Steeped in knowledge of the film and television industry, they employ a process that is organized and savvy. Page is a strong negotiator and is able to step into any situation with care for relationships and produce great results. We love producing films but negotiating for distribution and other rights, should be left to the professionals, like Ostrow and Company.

‘Roxy-The Last Dance’ — Red Thread Productions/Connie and Nadine C. Licostie

I signed with Ostrow & Company in February of 2008. My film was being actively promoted on the web site within a week, and soon after that I started receiving weekly updates on the pitches that Page and her team had made to distributors and television networks. By July of 2008, Page had negotiated DVD and television distribution deals for both the U.S. and international markets.

Tom Naugton — Producer Fat Head

“I am now pleased to be working with Ostrow & Company on my second feature. As a filmmaker based in Asia, where contact with US market is difficult, and certainly more so as a documentary-maker, I have found Page’s assistance and experience to be invaluable in ensuring my work is exhibited to a wider audience and in particular to potential industry partners.”

Duncan Jespop, ‘Follow Your Heart’

Page and Ostrow and Company were always very accessible. She has lots of connections and, as reported by the company we ended up signing with, fierce negotiating skills. In a tough environment and economy, through creativity, we were still able to get a deal that satisfied us.

Jason May, “Coyote Funeral”

Our film had been to 18 film festivals around the world, and we had won 8 awards (including 3 Best Feature Film awards) and yet we couldn’t figure out how to get a distribution deal. We signed with Ostrow and Company in May 2010. Ostrow and Company had a North American DVD and television distribution deal for us in about 6 weeks.

Nicole Blaine — Commit

I Spent about a year trying to find distribution for my film with very little luck, so I decided to try another route. I contacted Ostrow & Company.

Within 3 weeks of receiving all my materials and the screener, Ostrow & Company had a worldwide distribution deal waiting from me in my emails. Three weeks! You can’t ask for better than that.

Once the deal was in place, they walked me through all the steps needed to get the film ready for distribution. It was a very smooth and painless process.

Thanks Ostrow & Company

Kirk Loudon — Forward/Slash

I went with Ostrow and Company on the back of their reputation, having been winkled out from the Naperville Independent Film Festival website. As I was over from the UK for the festival, I went down to LA to meet the team and was impressed with their evident focus and work ethic, so signed up.

I’m delighted to say their response time in finding an International Sales rep has been only a fortnight, allowing the sales agent enough turnaround time for the AFM.

Andrew Tomlinson — Grey’s InBetween

Back in October 2007, our film 9 Lives of Mara was screened at a lovely little film festival in Beverly Hills called La Femme Film Festival. It was there that fate would be with us when a scout from OSTROW AND COMPANY watched a screening of our film and offered representation for distribution. Prior to this opportunity from Ostrow we had the run of the mill people whose promises were never delivered and gave us very unrealistic time frames. So, when we had our first conversations with Page Ostrow in November of 2007, it was a very welcomed surprise to find such professionalism and brutal honesty. Now of course, we did have our reservations, on the financial level, as all filmmakers do when it requires putting out upfront money in the hopes that you will get the results that others truly believe you will. And for the independent world of film, we have all probably output more than we ever should anyway! But, we decided to take a chance and have faith in what Page Ostrow recommended. She was completely upfront by telling us it would certainly and no doubt be work to place our very niche genre piece, but none the less confident it would eventually find a home. After feeling Page’s sincerity and hearing her very honest advice as to what they knew they could do and what we should and should not expect and count on regarding distribution for our film, my partner and I knew our decision to get Ostrow on board was the right one.

We signed our contract with Ostrow and Company in December of 2007. By January 2007, both Page Ostrow and Tim Morrell were coming to us with potential offers and interest from several companies and by February 2008, we signed our first deal for North American rights with a well known and reputable company! Ostrow currently has several companies presenting offers for foreign rights and we have no doubt that we will be signing off on a deal shortly!

In the end when your film is done, the problem does not anymore lye in what it will take to get your film made, but what it will take to now get distribution for the film – and we all know that is truly the challenge. I have and would recommend any independent filmmaker who is ready to find a home for their film to take a chance on Ostrow and Company – you will not be disappointed!

Thank you Ostrow for all of your hard work and dedication you have put into our “little film that could”.

Jina Panebianco — Producer, 9 Lives of Mara

There are many unique standards and nuances in the highly competitive world of film production. Being new to the business I knew nothing in how to get a film distributed.
It made me more cautious and skeptical about contractual agreements and who I attach my company and my properties to.

We had been in contact with four other producer reps when one of my assistants told me about Page Ostrow. In our first conversation with Page it was apparent she knew exactly what she was talking about. It was obvious that her knowledge and expertise was exactly what we needed to get our film placed.

Ostrow and Co. gave us a virtual roadmap on the process of distribution and how it works. Their staff of “top-shelf” professionals know, first-hand, how to navigate through the entertainment minefield and get their clients the best placement for their intellectual properties.

Making a film, in and of itself, can be an agonizing process but distributing it doesn’t have to be. Ostrow and Co., took all of the worry and problems out of getting our film sold; allowing us to go and do what we do best…making the films people want to see.

Gary A. Fleming, Jr. — Director / Producer, Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico

I was introduced to Page Ostrow by a producer friend for whom Page sold her documentary to HBO after it had been turned down twice. My experience while not as profitable has nonetheless been a positive one. My film INCEST A FAmily Tragedy is more difficult to fit into the mainstream. To-date we’ve had one sale for foreign rights and the mission continues. Anyone engaging Ostrow & Co. will find that they do not back away from projects that intimidate most producer reps. They are adequately aggressive and easy to work with since their hearts and efforts are all about advancing their client’s best interests. I heartily recommend them.

Edward Blackoff — Producer, Incest A Family Tragedy

I was first contacted by Ostrow and Company after I won “Best Documentary” at the La Femme Film Festival. One of their scouts had heard about my movie and wanted a copy to send along to the company’s president. I sent over a copy and was contacted within days by Page Ostrow. She liked the film and wanted to have a meeting to talk about possibly being the producer’s representative for it, ultimately trying to get it a distribution deal for television. After talking to her and checking out their website, I got such a great vibe from the company. It seemed they really cared about every film they were representing and they came with endless amounts of experience and advice in an arena where as a first time filmmaker I felt a little lost.

I was tentative about signing at first because our deal came with an upfront retainer I had to pay that seemed a little scary, since my film’s budget was so low to begin with. However, Page was helpful in explaining how exactly they worked and the money seemed totally worth it to me since they were so experienced. After signing, I got updates several times a month explaining what they had done to try to get someone to pick up the film, and met some of the associates helping out with my film who were very cool. Within a few months, they were able to find and negotiate a distribution deal for my film for television! They met with me to explain the deal and tell me what I would need for the distributor, and I got a great vibe from the distributor I signed with as well!

I was extremely happy with the work Ostrow and Company did with my film and with the distribution deal that came about because of it. I’m looking forward to making another documentary in the future and know that I would love to work with them again!

Jennifer Remington — Producer, Hollywood 90038

Page is very focused and driven about the business of filmmaking and I think she has my film’s best interests at heart.

Len Morris — Producer — Stolen Childhoods (Meryl Streep)

“Thanks to Page and Devin at Ostrow and Company, we signed an international deal with Loose Cannon Films at AFM for our first movie – Bleeding Rose.”

K. Alla Films

Page Ostrow is a very hardworking, honest and caring producers representative. I strongly recommend Ostrow and Company to any filmmaker seeking a guide through the LA film distribution maze.

Mike Shiley — Producer/Director — Inside Iraq: The Untold Story

Page Ostrow is a hell of a closer

Richard Novey — V.P. International Sales — Whole Nine Yards

Page Ostrow is dependable, hard working, loyal and excited about every project she is associated with. Bjornquist Fillms is happy to be working with Ostrow and Company.

Whitney Hamilton — Producer — My Brother’s War

I would like to thank you again for the brain power you have invested in ‘The Child Within,’ as evidenced by the thoughtful list of distributors you plan to contact about the film. I really appreciate the resourcefulness you have already applied to the project of getting the word out about this special film. The victims of human trafficking need all the creativity we can give them, so our country can receive the wake-up call it needs, to see human trafficking for what it is: a threat to the very idea of human dignity. The film attacks the problem at its very root — the demand for prostitution — the driving force of which, contrary to popular belief, is not the sexual instinct, but rather a completely superfluous need by some to take pleasure in the humiliation of others. To stop human trafficking, we must undercut the demand for it, and by exposing the impulse behind it as unnatural rather than natural — as a love of humiliation that no one in his right mind would want to admit to — we hope to shame this deplorable practice out of existence. History shows that nothing stirs up the American public like a controversial film, so we are in the right business, to make a difference!

Scott Elliot Mann — Executive Producer – The Child Within

Page Ostrow has been a tremendous asset to my company, Mathis & Morris Productions Inc., in building important industry contacts of substance and influence in this industry. Her relationships and methods have proven to be quite instrumental in getting us much further along in our quest for success than we could have on our own. She is a definite asset to anyone searching for financing, distribution and general real world knowledge of the film business.

Troy R. Mathis — Co-CEO Mathis & Morris Productions, Inc.

Through experience I’ve learned that when I hire a professional to do a job they pay for themselves and then some. That was certainly true with retaining Ostrow & Company. Page Ostrow expertly negotiated and secured distribution with an excellent company on behalf of my movie. I’m on to my next project now and I couldn’t be happier.

Steven Owsley — Producer — Silent Justice

After working in the film business for 30 years…even with all the connections I have and all the time and money I’ve put into incredible projects, I realize now that I never had a chance to ever succeed without the business acumen and ability to close the deal that Page Ostrow has. She is the angel who has delivered me from development hell!

Katherine Wilson — Associated Film Services – Eugene Oregon

Page Ostrow clearly sees what needs to be done, gives solid advice, and formulates wise business strategies. She has propelled my film career at fast-forward speeds. The best thing about Page, however, is that she is genuine and she always finds the positives. Anyone who is a Hollywood first-timer or someone who might be financing their hundredth feature film needs to talk to Page.

James Sant’Andre

I had to write to thank you so much for all of your time, attention and help in sheparding my movie, Angels With An Attitude, to distribution! You have been so patient in helping me to learn the ropes – thank you so much!

Thank you for your faith in the project. From the beginning you were always consistent in staying in touch and keeping me apprised of what was going on with the project. You were always available and generous with your knowledge as I began to learn the process of marketing my first movie.

As I mentioned to you when we were at the VSDS Conference/Had To Be Made Festival (which you got me in!) I feel so much further ahead because you represented me. I have met dozens of filmmakers who have been shopping projects for years and have not even gotten a nibble at distribution. My movie is in post-production and has distribution thanks to you.

I look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you again for being so fabulous and taking me through the process with professionalism and humor!

Savanna Washington — Producer – Angels With An Attitude

The people at Ostrow and Company have helped me to achieve a long standing ambition, that of finding an agent who will present my video to a community of appropriate potential buyers. I needed help in a variety of areas, from refining artwork to defining my marketing strong points. Ostrow has handled my requirements in a professional, timely and cost effective way.

Keith Olson — Portraits of Chicago

Trying to get my film out there on my own, I ended up spending too much time and too much money – eventually not seeing anything for my efforts. When a filmmaker friend recommended them to me, I went into their office to meet with their team and liking what I heard, we got started immediately. Now within two months I have a deal and I am very happy with it. The team there, including the president Page Ostrow are very knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. When they verbalize something they always deliver. I’m excited that they’re going to keep working for me on this project and I’m looking forward to bring them future ones as well.

Mireck Kullitt — Beyond the Quest – Skywalk Productions

Ostrow and Company is an organization that delivers what they promise. After just over one month of being signed with Ostrow and Company, Page Ostrow managed to secure a very amicable deal for us with a very reputable distribution company. The distribution company agreed to advance us a small amount of cash towards our future revenues which makes us believe that Page placed us in the right hands, namely one that believes in our project. Our feature which was called “The Last One” (based on recommendations by the distributor, the new title is “Krankenhaus: War of Souls”) will be featured at AFM by them. This is after trying to secure distribution on our own to no avail. We know that Ostrow and Company is selective in the projects they represent and we feel lucky to have been able to make a film good enough to be on their roster.

Marc Rezvani & Diane Uwanawich — Krankenhaus: War of Souls

Ostrow & Company did for our documentary feature “I Can Tell the World” – what we were unable to do in nearly 18 months: find us a distributor for the North American market and another for International.

Ostrow & Company did this because of its personal relationships with film buyers, which Page Ostrow has cultivated for years now. So the retainer paid to Ostrow & Company was worth it because otherwise, in today’s competitive market, we would be selling DVDs out of the back of our car at flea markets; if that.

While there are other producer’s reps, we were impressed by the size of the Ostrow & Company operation and its reliable service. After signing up, we first had a strategy session with Page Ostrow and our personal rep Dave Haley. The result of this session was a targeted campaign plan for our film. After that, every email or phone call was promptly answered. We received weekly disposition reports, keeping us current on submissions and responses. Once we had several offers, Ostrow & Company walked us through the pros and cons of each one.

In a tough market, it was pivotal that we had Ostrow & Company working on our behalf.

Larry Bograd — Producer, I Can Tell the World

Testimonial – ‘The Endangered’

After our film, The Endangered, was nominated to the 2009 HBFF, we received several offers of submissions for Producers’ Representation. We signed with Ostrow and Company, and right out of the gate we had an offer of representation for worldwide distribution for our film. Followed by another.

Page is a tough negotiator and we were very pleased that she was in our corner and was able to negotiate some favorable terms for our film. David Haley and Tucker Merrick are both very straightforward, diligent and easy to work with. Both David and Tucker also helped in negotiating some very favorable terms for us in the agreement.

Richard Nelson — Producer/Director – The Endangered

If you wouldn’t ask a salesperson to make a film, then why would you market your project yourself? Ostrow and Company gave us a straightforward pitch on what they could do for us, then went out and delivered. We had an offer within 45 days and we were signed several months later. As Louisiana based filmmakers, there is no way we could have accomplished these results and if so, the travel would have cost a lot more than the fees we paid Ostrow. They have the integrity, relationships and the persistence to put your film in the hands of the right players. We are pleased with our results and excited about their collections commitment. How would we collect from someone overseas? The folks at Ostrow have thought everything out. If you have put all that you have into your film, go the last mile and have a pro represent you.

Jason Furrate — Producer/Writer/Director

From the first day we met with Ostrow & Company we knew we were in good hands. They understood our position as independent filmmakers trying to negotiate the distribution process. They met with us personally, providing guidance on writing creative loglines, creating an overall strong press packet, while making sure that they understood our film so that they could best market it to the networks. We were offered a worldwide distribution deal. The Ostrow & Company team negotiated to keep North American distribution, which worked to our benefit as this allowed us to sell the rights to the film again to a US network. The team at Ostrow & company were always available by phone and e-mail to answer any questions as we went through the contract process, addressing our concerns and negotiating with the networks to make sure that we got the best deal possible.

Christine Acham — Producer – Infiltrating Hollywood: “The Rise and Fall of the Spook who Sat behind the door”

Being first time feature-film makers with a young production company, we knew little about the distribution aspect of making a film! However, after working with Ostrow & Company who believed in our film and it’s potential, we have signed a contract for both International and domestic distribution within two months, which has made it possible for our film to be seen by an international audience, while also making some money back. We never would have imagined this could be possible, let alone happen so quickly! We are extremely grateful for Page and the rest of the team at Ostrow. Brilliant, professional people. Thank you!

Ella Jane New — The Global Village Project

Just wanted to let you know that I am excited about the work you have done regarding our film ‘a fish story’.

You have created a buzz and received plenty of offers generating a bidding war. Impressed with the calibre of distributors that have watched the film within the first 2 weeks of you representing the film.

Glad I came down to LA to meet everyone and hopefully, with your assistance, we’ll decide which is the best deal for our picture.

Great job,

Michael Mosca — a fish story